Workplaces have a Responsibility | During COVID-19


We’re adapting to a quickly changing world. How can workplaces execute their responsibilities towards communities during COVID-19?

There are specific measures organisations can take to support their people and communities.

(1) Clear, empathetic communication from the leadership team.

(2) Extended paid sick leave.

(3) Mandatory work from home.

(4) Additional pay for work from home and reduced hours at the same pay, as required.

(5) Try and find interim solutions to support your employees in case your revenue is taking a hit.

(6) Check-ins on mental health and wellbeing of employees.

(7) Extension of these measures to contractual workers and support staff that may not have similar legal rights.

(8) Extension of resources at scale, infrastructural and otherwise, to communities in need.

(9) Donations towards funds for unorganised sector workers, healthcare professionals and others.

Some examples of statements to communicate the above to your people can be found here: One Future Collective, Wikimedia Foundation.

Image source: Martela

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