Queer and here.

The Queer Rights Centre is a space for supporting young queer leadership while recognising agency, lived experiences and building a supportive personal and systemic environment to enable and accelerate their leadership journeys.

Capacity Building

Trainings, workshops and certificate courses on queer rights and inclusion - with a specific focus on areas of allyship, media, queer mental health and the law. We have trained 2000+ people since the inception of the Centre in 2019. Our trainings, workshops and courses are open to queer youth, allies, students, professionals, NGOs and corporates. If you would like to run a workshop or training with us, please get in touch with us at info@onefuturecollective.org.

Knowledge Creation & Dissemination

We seek to support the queer rights movement through knowledge building and sharing. We create manuals, interactive games, guides, posters and e-books focusing on various LGBTQIA+ issues in order to raise awareness around gender, sex and sexuality. If you'd like to see a demo or commission us to create such a resource for you, please get in touch at info@onefuturecollective.org.

Leadership Programs

Customised leadership programs for individual queer persons or queer persons at specific institutions who may be seeking specific mentoring opportunities to help them advance in their educational or career paths. If you’d like to participate or collaborate, please get in touch with us at info@onefuturecollective.org.

Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is a safe community space for queer persons and their allies across India where they can engage in conversations, peer learning, and co-leadership development. The club is currently virtual and meets once every month.

Healing Circle

The Queer Justice Healing Circle is a support group (currently virtual) for queer persons across India facilitated by a queer affirmative therapist. The support group aims to be a safe space for transformative healing for queer persons to share and support each other in a space that is confidential and free of judgement. It is held every first and third Sunday of the month and runs in batches, every six months.

Trigger Warning: suicide

You helped me at a time when I wanted to end my life because it seemed so hopeless. I want you to know that I am alive because of you.

Thank you for thinking I could be someone too.

The training helped me think in new ways