We design solutions that place people at the centre of every strategy.

We are innovative, equitable and just.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

We bring the combined expertise of lived experience, academic theory and practise based knowledge to support the transformation of any space into one that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Leadership Coaching

We build and support individual and organisational feminist leadership journeys through customised coaching solutions.

Curated Learning Products and Experiences

We’ve transformed our love for learning into a deep expertise on designing learning products and experiences that excite the curiosity of the different groups we cater to. From curricula, guides, games, digital learning programs to immersive long term learning experiences -- we’ve got you covered.

Participatory Design, Research and Facilitation

We ensure a participatory approach to all events, learning spaces, research practices and designing of solutions to build truly inclusive knowledge and action and we’re on a mission to support others in building participatory spaces.

Campaign Design and Implementation

We’re passionate about campaigns that can shift behaviours and urge people to take action. We provide customised campaign designs and work with you towards achieving our common goals.

Branded Content Advisory

We’re excited about working with you to script engaging stories and build multi-format content that aligns with your values, inspires action and disrupts the narrative.

I’ve learnt more here in 6 hours than I did through my entire degree college.

I still can’t stop thinking about this can be my reality, my mind is still grappling with these new possibilities

I loved every aspect of the session! Very interactive and a great way to teach people about gender identity and sexual harassment

If you want to know more about our work, partner with us, have us conduct a workshop at your organisation or just want to chat – we would love to hear from you!

You can fill out the contact form provided here, email us at info@onefuturecollective.org


WhatsApp us at +91 9820618799