Building people and not just ideas.

The world is facing a crisis of leadership. It requires the nurturing of young intersectional feminist leaders towards radically shifting oppressive structures that our world is currently built on while rebuilding more just and equitable communities.

The One Future Fellowship is our way of germinating such leadership in pockets of the world and was conceptualised as a space for nurturing value-led social leaders that would go on to radically transform every space they occupy. We envisage this journey as one of ‘building people and not just ideas’.

The Fellowship is a one of its kind leadership and capacity building programme that focuses on four components- learning, community, coaching, and action. It is a unique space for young feminist leaders to build knowledge and translate it into action in a collaborative environment. The Fellowship is designed as a co-learning, cohort-based programme and is powered by the Fellows that join us on our journey.

Our Fellows have highlighted that they have found a community of practitioners, had their learning increase significantly and gained key skills of community organising, narrative building, impact assessment, and taking ideas from the ideation to execution stages. 98% of the Fellows would definitely recommend the fellowship to someone else.

The fourth edition of the One Future Fellowship will have two cycles:

  • Cycle 1- 3rd September 2022 to 19th March 2023 

  • Cycle 2- 7th May 2023 to 19th November 2023

The Fellowship is open to people of South Asian origin between the ages of 18 to 30 years who identify as a  woman, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, trans, agender or genderfluid person. It requires a weekly commitment of 20 hours (including live learning hours). A fee of 25,000 INR is charged towards the programme to ensure accountability and independence. We also offer need-based financial aid. We encourage people from oppressed backgrounds to apply.  

You can know more about the One Future Fellowship 2022-2023 here

The fellowship allows you to explore feminist leadership and what it means to you, without pushing you towards a cookie-cut version of any theory, practice or facilitation. There is freedom to express, disagree, answer creatively and always, always be kind. Shefali Gupta, One Future Fellow 2021

My fellowship journey is super special to me and it s the place where I found people and a community among whom I found a space to express, learn and correct myself. I had no idea about the social sector but never in the course of my fellowship did I find myself struggling because the topics were so well structured and facilitated. Lastly, I found my mentor during the course of the Fellowship. Vikshita Poojary, One Future Fellow 2019.

One Future Fellows are extremely bright and demonstrate a genuine interest in solving social problems. The program introduces them to structures and frameworks that will help them to implement their project seamlessly and I thoroughly enjoyed leading the session on impact measurement. The environment and culture created by Vandita and her team is warm, welcoming and stimulating. It encourages open dialogues, honest debates and purposeful discussions. My best wishes to all fellows and I am positive that they will achieve their desired social impact. Poonam Choksi, Senior Manager, Social Sector Capacity Building, A.T.E. Chandra Foundation.