Things don't change till people don't change.

We undertake research, training, and the development of learning tools, products and experiences for building knowledge and capacity on issues of social justice.

1 We curate, create and share knowledge to develop a more nuanced understanding of pressing issues of social justice, inform public debates, and build policy-legal insights and interventions.
2 We invest in people, communities and organisations to deepen their knowledge base, support leadership capacities, accelerate change efforts, ignite ideas and transform them into action.
Certificate Courses

We run multiple virtual certificate courses that allow people to build a more nuanced and in depth understanding of issues of social justice, with a focus on gender justice, mental health, and feminist leadership.

Learning with OFC

Learning with OFC is a three-month journey of co-learning, unlearning and creating along the themes of gender justice, mental health and feminist leadership with a curated community of thinkers and doers.


We’re constantly building new resources that cut across platforms and formats to inform and further the discourse on issues of social justice. They are created with an aim of instilling radical kindness in the people that consume them through various mediums: e-books, videos, games and more.

Social Leadership Training Programs

We provide curated social leadership training programs for adolescents and young people at educational institutions. Get in touch with us to know more.

Learning Solutions

We provide customised learning solutions to provoke behavioural shifts and lead the path towards systemic change for communities and organisations.

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to attend the HRE course whilst I was interning at the Feminist Justice programme at One Future Collective. It was a great way to meet people in the social work sector, as well as learn the different ways we can apply HRE education to our work. The training was set out in a super creative and interactive way which made everything we learnt really memorable.

Congratulations to the team on the wonderfully curated and facilitated course! I must say that even as someone with no prior legal knowledge, the curriculum really helped me understand GBV and feminist lawyering in depth. After just one course by your organisation, I have become a major fan and am eagerly looking forward to applying for the One Future Fellowship, and 'Learning with OFC' while also signing up for the upcoming course on 'Queer Rights and Allyship'! Have recommended the course and resources to all friends and would once again, like to extend my gratitude to your organisation for allowing me a trust-based seat. Thank you!