Nurturing communities of care is an act of resistance.

We nurture transformative safe spaces that promote dialogue, healing and critical inquiry towards fostering communities of care.

Virtual Events

We host free monthly events and meet-ups, virtually, and encourage you to join us as we engage through poetry, dialogues, games, music, quizzes and more.

Healing Circles

We hold space virtually for survivors of gender based violence, queer persons, and human rights defenders, with qualified mental health professionals. These circles run in six month cycles.

Sanskaari Girls Book Club

This is a space for curious feminists to explore a range of readings in a safe and supportive setting. We host virtual meet-ups every third Thursday from 8:30pm to 10pm IST.

Rainbow Club

This is a community learning space for queer persons and allies where they can engage in conversations and peer learning. We are currently virtual and meet twice a month.

Justice Club

This is a space to understand the meaning of justice and what it can look like in our daily lives. We are currently virtual and meet twice a month.

Feminist Futures Club

This is a space for igniting critical inquiry and building knowledge on pertinent social issues from an intersectional feminist lens. We are currently virtual and meet twice a month.

I know I am a changemaker now and that I do not need to wait for someone else to change anything.

Trigger Warning: sexual assault

Thank you. I cannot believe anybody would do this for another person with no expectations in return. I still cannot believe this.

Trigger Warning: suicide

Thank you for listening to me, the support you and OFC have provided to me during this period is something I will never forget. Thank you for being there even when you did not need to.