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Vini Doshi, Research Associate, Mental Health

Tell us about yourself!
Currently, I’m a step closer to being what I’ve aspired to be since I was in 8th grade — a psychologist. During my journey from school to completing my Master’s, I’ve worked with NGOs, been an active member of college associations and interned at hospitals in Mumbai. I’ve also had a brief stint with teaching psychology at Jaihind College. Learning and sharing knowledge has always been my primary goal, so everytime I learn something new I get excited to see where I can apply it, who can I share it with and figure out how could it help someone else as well. When overcome with challenges, I have a very problem focused and solution driven mindset which I’ve observed , in my personal and professional life, helps to maintain the calm, keeps the group together and leaves space for constructive mediation as well. I love dogs, food and books. I plan to pursue my PhD soon.

Tell us about what you do at One Future Collective.
At One Future Collective, I work as a Research Associate with the vertical of mental health. This involves contributing articles and blogs and working on related research projects.

Why One Future Collective?
I came across One Future Collective through a senior while I was looking for internships. From my first conversation with Vandita, I realised that not only was this a group of young and extremely driven people but also, everyone here always had each others’ back. In the few months that I’ve been involved with OFC, I’ve learnt that social change is an integrative process — it can’t be driven by concentrating on any single aspect of a problem. What makes OFC different from other places I’ve worked at is that here each person gets to set their personal goals which ensures flexibility and responsibility.

Your favourite One Future Collective memory.
The youth meetup on Sexual Violence in India. What makes this memorable is that it was the first event I attended and facilitated. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment since we got a group of people from varied backgrounds to think, engage, and discuss about a vital issue.

What inspires you?
The world is messed up but that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop people from changing, adapting and growing. This thought inspires me to work towards helping people realise their strengths.

Top three book/song recommendations or both.
To Sir With Love by Lulu, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner.

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