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Ayesha Mehrotra, Program Director, Sustainability Initiatives

Tell us about yourself!
Passionate about the environment, reading and traveling. Feminist by nature, extremely passionate about mental health and sustainability. Completing a masters’ degree in Development from Azim Premji University.

Tell us about what you do at One Future Collective.
I am a writer and research officer for One Future Collective. I am also designated as the Program Director for Sustainability Initiatives, where I am responsible for our sustainability based projects.

Why One Future Collective?
It is a safe space for women to discuss any topic under the sun, be it feminism, politics or mental health. OFC allows us to learn and experience different things through a number of ways, which makes it so special and exciting to be a part of.

Your favourite One Future Collective memory.
The Youth MeetUp at Goregaon, where we discussed sexual harassment, mental health and feminism. Felt like home.

What inspires you?
Women who are passionate for what they believe in. And female friendships that help you be the person that you are.

Top three book/song recommendations or both.
Maya Angelou’s Autobiography series, Any Sidney Sheldon book and the song Yosemite by Travis Scott.

Anything else you’d like to add.
I love being in a space where I can do and feel anything without having to worry about the rest. One Future Collective has been one of those spaces for me.

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