Report | One Future Collective’s Youth Meetup — Rethinking Education


9 March 2019, Mumbai: One Future Collective organised its bi-monthly youth meetup which saw fruitful conversations around the theme of Rethinking Education.

The meetup, hosted at Bandra Bandstand, was attended by participants who came from varied backgrounds, all of whom unitedly wanted to see change in the way education is formulated and delivered today, across education boards throughout the country.

To list a few points discussed — one of the unanimous inputs was to have education redesigned in such a way as to make it a lot more inclusive. The participants discussed ways and means by which schools could be made a lot more inclusive and accepting of children with disabilities (physical, psycho-social or cognitive), gender non-conforming children, children across economic, social and cultural backgrounds, better mental health care facilities to be made available for students and educators alike, newer and better energy to be channelised towards vocational and skill based training rather than meaningless rote learning, and a whole lot more.

The meetup included fun, themed activities and sharing sessions, a retrospective analysis of our respective educational journeys and how our experiences influence our lives today, both professional and otherwise. The meetup proved to be a great sharing and learning experience for all participants.

Jerin Jacob is the Chief Operating Officer at One Future Collective.

Featured image: One Future Collective

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