Report | School Leadership Programme at St. Willibrord Innovative School, Mumbai


12 January to 2 February 2019, Mumbai: One Future Collective organised a series of social impact training workshops for 40 students of St. Willibrord Innovative School, Mumbai across four weeks in January, 2019.

The workshops at St. Willibrord, conducted by One Future Collective over four weeks, focused on building awareness among the students about a myriad of themes, all rooted in social leadership and how we can all grow as social leaders.

The first day saw 40 students discussing what peace meant to them, the cause of peace building, conflict resolution, the significance of being personal and social leaders in our own right. The second session focused on the importance of building empathy, the significance of indulging in dialogue and having conversation in the face of conflicts, to know all perspectives, to know all facts before judgment. The session ended with each student contemplating and sharing how they could each be peace makers in their own way in their classroom, and outside. The third session focused on raising awareness on and discussing about gender based bullying in schools and otherwise, raising gender sensitivity, discussing the need for gender equality and understanding how gender stereotypes play out.

The students were also made to brainstorm for ideas about how they could improve their understanding and practice of social leadership in their circles. The sessions were packed with activities, movie screenings, customised games and peer discussions.

The final workshop session had these 40 students, in groups of 4 sharing their experience of them leading a social impact project each in their respective localities, and what they learned in the course of these projects. Group 1 worked on the issue of acid attacks in their community. Group 2 focused on raising awareness on the issue of cryptocurrency among the students of their school. Group 3 aimed at analysing the issue of gender discrimination playing out in their community. The groups presented their respective local study as a group along the lines of identifying the problem statement, target/sample community, what could be done, probable methods of study, measurable impact etc. The entire programme, along with the final presentations, was a great peer learning experience for all the students.

Jerin Jacob is the Chief Operating Officer at One Future Collective.

Featured image: One Future Collective

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