Poetry by Sara | Crocheting Masculinity


In which Sara uses poetry to undo stereotypes that run through our society — raw, naked and unabashedly so.


When she held him in her arms

Out of her womb

He smiled.

Sunshine across a face that was learning to breathe.


Curly eyelashes.

Rosy Cheeks.

Beautiful. Tender.

The stars would blush.

Every time he dreamt of the fairy tales

His mother put him to sleep with.



He could weave the colourful threads.

No wonder he fathomed

The intricacies of emotions.


Balls of yarn.

A melange of pink, purple and red.

Bats of needles.

Strength of patience

Absolutely no pretence.

He would cry like it was blessing to express.


A perfect girl.

An unsuitable boy.

Masculinity, he always wondered,

Would be so much happier,

If he could talk about how he too dreamt of being a father.


Sara Sethia is a Research Associate (Gender Justice) at One Future Collective.

Illustration by Priyanshi Vakharia

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