Team One Future | Soumya Agrawal

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Soumya Agrawal, Research Associate, Legal Reform

Tell us a little about yourself
I love reading, dancing, playing and watching sports, and watching theatre. I love dancing crazily in front of the mirror when no one is watching. I am a huge foodie. Professionally speaking: I just completed my MA in Public Policy from St. Xavier’s. I still have one more year of Law left and I am pursuing my MA in Economics from IGNOU.

Tell us about what you do at One Future Collective?
I currently am a Research Associate under the Legal Reform vertical.

Why One Future Collective?
Flexibility, understanding about everyone’s work ability, immediate responses, and the fact that OFC has always been a space to grow and learn.

Your favourite One Future Collective memory.
My first OFC team meeting.

What inspires you?
Someone who is never scared of change and always eager to learn and never give up.

Top three book/song recommendations or both!
1. 21 lessons for the 21st Century
2. Harry Potter series
3. Kanya by Niraj Chag

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