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Get to know the fabulous people behind the magic at One Future Collective.

Rebecca Shibu, Program Officer, Sanskaari Girls Book Club

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a final year Master’s student, trying to navigate through life. Additionally, I google things like “five creepy things about Bombay” and actually look for all the five creepy things. I like to read and eat dirt cheap street food from EVERY SINGLE new place I visit.

Tell us about what you do at One Future Collective?
I’m the Program Officer for The Sanskaari Girls Book Club.
Why One Future Collective? 
“Capacity” is OFC’s favourite word and they respect the word in whatever form it shows up with different people, irrespective of its capacity. That makes OFC stand out, I feel.
Your favourite One Future Collective memory.
Apart from the continuous validation that I receive, I think getting my personal OFC business cards was one of the best memories. I distinctly remember this because my Appa was very happy and he bought cake on his way back home from work. This should become my favourite One Future Collective + Family memory edition.
What inspires you?
Nishma inspires me the most, hands down (don’t tell her).
Top three book/song recommendations or both!
Here, I just have to say, explore the ocean of books and songs available to you. There’ll be a select few that will stick with you and that personal exploration is very rewarding. It is another thing that I’m really bad at recommendations.