Team One Future | Milana Prakash


Get to know the fabulous people behind the magic at One Future Collective.

Milana Prakash, Editorial Assistant, The Thought Project

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a dog stalker. I shamelessly stalk cute dogs in my building. I’m a published author of two remotely known books and in addition to that I am a classical pianist and a painter.

Tell us about what you do at One Future Collective?
I work as an Editorial Assistant and a large portion of my work entails writing and editing pieces for TTP.

Why One Future Collective? 
Their HR Policies and concern for employees/interns/volunteers. It’s heartening to see them incorporate the needs of all their members and still thrive and flourish.

Your favourite One Future Collective memory.
The recent Sanskaari Girls book club meet in Delhi.

What inspires you?
The need to be able to sleep guilt free at night, knowing I did my best that day.

Top three book/song recommendations or both!
  • A Suitable Boy
  • Vegetarian
  • Never Let Me Go

Anything else you want to add.
I’m just grateful to be a part of the OFC Family.

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