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We’re sad, we’re frustrated, we’re angry. But, we are not helpless. In this moment, we are not allowed to be. 

As we see the crisis of COVID-19 unfold in our country and around the world, we have found ourselves struggling. Acting in the only way we know-how, we started relief efforts from our end by channeling our services and resources to support those affected by the crisis in multiple ways. 

As a small youth led organisation with limited financial resources we have struggled with the contradictions between our desire to contribute directly to the #COVID19 relief efforts on ground and ensuring our continued ability to pay our teams and keep our work sustainable, especially where we see an immediate heightened need — providing direct pro bono mental health and legal support to survivors of gender based violence, queer persons, and others.

In an effort to go beyond this, we have decided to donate 25% of the revenue we raise from our certificate courses towards relief efforts meant to support frontline workers and those most affected economically. We understand that this doesn’t fall under our organisational mandate and that this would impact our plans for the year. However, understanding that we’re fighting against time and losing lives, this contribution seems to be the only way to expedite help.

We are also called to reflect on this crisis and the systems underpinning it. Access to healthcare, food and shelter are fundamental rights and should not be sought as a relief package. This realisation is stronger and more urgent than ever before for us.  

We urge you to extend kindness and community to people around you. Below are some fundraisers where you could contribute as per your capacity: 

  1. Milaap
  2. Give India
  3. Goonj

Immensely grateful for your support. Love and solidarity,

Team One Future