Report | Certificate Course in Participatory Training in Human Rights Education

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One Future Collective conducted a short term 2 day certificate course in ‘Participatory Training in Human Rights Education’ on 27th & 28th June, 2019, in collaboration with Safecity (Red Dot Foundation) and the Consulate General of Canada (Mumbai). 23 people were selected to attend the course.

Vandita Morarka, Founder & CEO of One Future Collective, had represented One Future Collective and Safecity at the Equitas International Human Rights Training Program in 2018 and this certificate course was a way of implementing and sharing those learnings with human rights advocates and educators in India.

Of the participants that filled out the baseline and feedback forms, the key insights captured are as follows:

  1. Overall learning increase reported from 5.24 points to 7.75 points, on a scale of 10, a significant increase of 2.51 points.
  2. 84.6% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that the course helped them understand human rights education through participatory methods.
  3. 84.6% of them stated that the course met their expectations.

The feedback collected through qualitative means was positive and reflected the participants desires to engage with participatory training methods for human rights education in their work and to engage with each other by building a supportive community network that they can leverage to expand the scope of their work and to take the mission of participatory human rights education ahead.

By Team One Future