Queer Infocus | September II ’19

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Queer InFocus is a bimonthly roundup of queer news in India.

Raipur’s LGBTQIA+ Community Dances For Equality and Marches for Pride

20th September 2019

The LGBTQ+ community in Raipur organised a flash mob, to promote the first ever pride taking place in Raipur. The group of 20 volunteers wore t-shirts printed with ‘Love is Love’ and danced for 8 minutes to popular Hindi songs. The Pride March is being organised to make a statement of support for the rest of the LGBTQ+ community living in Raipur. The Pride March took place on the 29th September, and pictures from the march can be viewed here.

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Karan Johar: Gay marriages are the next step. As an Indian, that is what I aspire for

20th September 2019

Karan Johar opened up about the reading down of Section 377, and stated that gay marriage being legalised will be the next big step for the community. The director, who has often been criticised for not speaking out for LGBTQ+ causes and issues, was speaking at the India Today Conclave Mumbai, 2019, about tearing up on the day of September 6th. Karan believes that cinema and literature will help facilitate acceptance, and hopes to create a film with openly gay characters one day.

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Pink or blue? No more! Parents are taking baby steps with gender-neutral upbringing

29th September 2019

There is a growing movement with the new generation of parents who want to break gender norms when raising their children. As parents themselves, Amita Malhotra and Reema Ahmad decided to launch Candidly, a platform to discuss gender, sexuality, and media use among children and young adults. They then launched EqualiTee in 2018, which creates toys and clothing that encourages children to stray away from gender norms.

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Despite there not being much queer news in the second half of September, it is inspiring to see Raipur’s queer community band together and organise, to create their first ever Pride event. Visibility in smaller places across India will not go unnoticed, and it is so important for people to know that queerness is not just something that occupies space in larger cities. Here is also hoping that celebrities and larger known individuals continue to speak out and speak up for LGBTQ+ issues and people, due to the platform they have, and the scale they are able to reach.

Harshil Shah is a Research Associate with the Queer Resource Center at One Future Collective.