Last Month at OFC | May 2019


A recap of what the team at One Future Collective has been up to, in the past month.

One Future Collective has been working on a number of fun projects and events recently and the month of May, just as every other month, has been a novel learning experience for all of us at OFC. We have put together all that we did the past one month here.

Digital campaign: From Ma, With Love

The month of May started off on a very positive note for us with the digital launch of our Mothers’ day special campaign- From Ma, With Love. 15 heartwarming and inspiring stories of feminist tales and lessons handed down from our mothers (our biological and/or others who we look up to as one) in the form of an e-book comprise this campaign executed by OFC’s The Thought Project. The e-book was launched on the 12th of May, ie. on International Mothers’ Day. Download the e-book here.

Introductory Meetup: Feminist Futures

We also hosted our first Feminist Futures meetup on the 12th of May, a safe space for young feminists to come and share their views, opine and brainstorm of possible collaborations and build a community.

Social Leadership Training Programme: Apne Aap Women’s Collective, Kamathipura

We conducted an intensive Social Leadership Training workshops over three weeks ie. 14th May to the 31st May with the girls of Apne Aap Women’s Collective, in Kamathipura, Mumbai. These workshops covered a spectrum of topics and learning and action modules, the result of which were two beautifully executed micro social community projects based on art, activism and education by the girls- these projects were on issues of Clean Mumbai and Green Mumbai respectively. Our COO Jerin Jacob, led this project on behalf of OFC.

Youth Meetups: Social Advocacy and Movements

We hosted a Youth Meetup on Social Advocacy and Movements on the 25th of May at Haiku Jam, Mumbai and at Koshy’s Bangalore on the 30th of May. Both the meetups saw intense and interactive discussions, games, fun activities and more than anything else, great learning, sharing and community building. Stay tuned for our next youth meetup.

Certificate Course: Families and Mental Health

A two day course on Families and Mental Health was conducted on May 24-25th by One Future Collective in association with the Department of Psychiatry, Sion Hospital. The course covered topics that aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practise with respect to the role of families in nurturing the mental health of individuals in families. The course saw 17 participants from varied backgrounds. Participants included educators, counselors, doctors, life coaches and students pursuing Social Sciences among others. The varied professional experiences of speakers and discussions of the participants added immense value to the overall experience of the course.


In order to broaden our learning at OFC, our Editorial Assistant, Milana Prakash represented us at The Menstrual Dialogue – an event organized by Goonj, an event that dispelled common myths, provided alternate solutions and approaches to managing a healthy and sustainable period, and looked at how organisations and individuals can make a difference in their own way.

What do we have lined up next?

Apply for the One Future Fellowship

The One Future fellowship is a transformative personal social leadership journey, for and by young persons, executed over the course of three months (August-October).  It is a part time learning and action based program that equips fellows with the skills to take on social challenges and design and implement innovative solutions. Apply here.

Sanskaari Girls Book Club Meetups #Book7

The Sanskaari Girls book club will be reading, discussing and collectively analysing Sujata Massey’s The Widows of Malabar Hill this month across cities and countries. Sign up here.


Conversations: An Evening with Lisa Ray

One Future Collective’s Sanskaari Girls Book Club, Harper Collins India and B3C will host Lisa Ray in conversation about her latest book- Close to the Bone on the 30th of June. To attend the event, sign up here.

Certificate Course: Queer Sexual Health and Pleasure

One Future Collective’s Queer Resource Centre will be conducting a certificate course on Queer Sexual Health and Pleasure on the 27th and 28th July. Register here. Email us at for more details.


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