#IAm: Of Women Celebrating Themselves

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Originally published on March 8th, 2018.

Happy Women’s Day. This is our year.

Can you hear that persistent niggling voice at the back of your mind telling you you’re not good enough? If you’re a woman that voice is probably a lot louder and supplicated by hordes of people around you telling you that you’re not good enough.

Well, you are. You’re not only good enough, you’re more than that. This International Women’s Day we decided to run a campaign to aid women reflect on the things they are fabulous at, called #IAm. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘talk about yourself like your best friend would talk about you’? This is just that. We asked women on Instagram and Twitter to tell us things they are absolutely brilliant at, the responses are witty and heartwarming all at once. With more entries still coming in, we’ve highlighted some below:


Tell us your #IAm story, own your brilliance! Tweet to us @onefuture_indiaor comment on Instagram @onefuturecollective — we’re waiting to be inspired!

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