How Can We Manage Anxiety? | During COVID-19


Here are some measures that we can start with to manage our anxiety during COVID-19.

(1) Consume information from WHO and trusted sources.

(2) Take time to care for your physical and mental health.

(3) Take steps to consume positive thoughts, readings and engage in activities that make you happy.

(4) Catch up on things that you’ve been wanting to do, talk to that friend you’ve been meaning to speak with. However, don’t pressurise yourself to do more.

(5) Try and establish a routine for yourself even while at home.

(6) Take this time to get to know yourself better.

Some active steps to manage anxiety during COVID-19:

(1) Maintain a journal that helps you track your mood, thoughts and learnings.

(2) Make space for relaxation in your schedule with every breath you take in and out. Let yourself, your day and your schedule also get a chance to relax.

(3) Importantly, whatever you’re doing is okay. Enjoy it. Engage in your own way of learning and being.

(4) If you’re feeling anxious or worried, bring your attention back to the current moment with this simple grounding exercise.

Notice the following around you:

— 5 things you can see
— 4 things you can feel
— 3 things you can hear
— 2 things you can smell
— 1 things you can taste

In case you think you will need additional support, we recommend reaching out to a qualified mental health professional.

Image source: Unique Mindcare

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