From Ma, With Love #6 | Fighting the Odds

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From Ma, With Love is a campaign celebrating recollections of feminist tales and lessons, passed down to us by our mothers, this Mother’s Day. The first edition of this compilation has 16 heartwarming stories. ‘Fighting the Odds’ by Ragini Shukla is the sixth story in this series. You can download the entire publication here.

“Maa” is, to me, the most sacred word in the history of humankind.

She is the ultimate source of my strength, who always encourages me to achieve my dreams.

I am a first year student of BCom, and clearly remember this particular incident from  school — I have an immense love for co-curricular activities. I come from a middle-class, joint family and most elders at home never appreciated my interest in dancing, singing, debating, or any activity other than studies. It was only my mother who always stood up for me and convinced everyone to permit me to participate. I remember how she used to stitch my dresses using her sarees, dupattas, and suits.

From being a cook, bodyguard, darzi (tailor), makeup artist, lawyer, teacher, storyteller — she played and continues to play the role of sundry characters to shape my life.

After the demise of my father, she plays this new role with all her conviction and perseverance. Though she is shattered inside, she keeps her outer self composed and strong.

I try my best to support her in every way possible. I give tuitions while pursuing my studies. I never skip a day of work, just like her. Even on my examination days, I complete my paper and take to the roads to give tuitions to children. It’s because of her that I know how to fight all the odds.

Rohang Mishal.