Feminist Futures #3: Body Positivity to Body Neutrality


Key discussions and learnings from our virtual meet-up on ‘Feminist Futures #3: Body Positivity to Body Neutrality’ are encapsulated below.

(1) It’s okay to not love our bodies as long as we respect them.

(2) It’s okay if our acceptance towards our bodies is boosted by external validation from loved ones.

(3) We need to stop encouraging the idea that we cannot be loved if we do not love ourselves first, these are not mutually exclusive.

(4) We need to urgently dismantle eurocentric ideals of beauty. 

(5) Humour based on insulting bodies is not humour, it is oppression.

(6) We must actively discourage inspiration porn as it takes away from the humanity that certain identities are allowed to express.

(7) Movements centred around our bodies need to be more inclusive – looking at different aspects like invisible disabilities, trans and non binary bodies, hormonal illnesses, mental health disorders, sexual and gender based violence, skin conditions, and others. 

(8) Industries capitalise on body positivity and neutrality movements while continuing to perpetuate discrimination in their actions and are  in their measures.

(9) The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the extent of internalised body shaming with the explosion of people’s obsession with weight loss and body corrective measures even during a time of deep distress.

Image source: Notadiet

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