Don’t Fall for the Capitalistic Productivity Trap | During COVID-19

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These are some thinking frameworks that have been helping us battle the capitalistic productivity trap during the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown:

(1) You are so much more than what you produce.

(2) This is not a time for you to strive to do more, it’s a time for us to survive.

(3) Its okay to not function at ‘normal’ levels, these are not normal times (to ask ourselves what even is normal).

(4) Not all work can or should be moved online.

(5) This is a time for rest and community, not to ‘improve’ yourself or prove your worth as a worker in an inherently broken system.

(6) You don’t need to consume or know everything. You can create safety within yourself and your immediate environment with the information you have.

(7) It’s okay to slow down.

(8) You are not going to be able to find simple solutions in complex times, stop looking for them. Look for imperfect solutions, look for evolving answers – you don’t need finality right away.

(9) We hope you find them useful too and come back to them as a reminder to rest, pause and be there for yourself.