We offer community, nuance, and intensive learning.

Learning with OFC is a bi-annual, three-month virtual journey of co-learning, unlearning and creating along the themes of gender justice, mental health and feminist leadership with a curated community of thinkers and doers. It is offered from May to July and from January to March, every year.

Think of it as a subscription plan to the knowledge pieces that we offer and additional access to a specific community space, curated learning resources, reflection assignments, and mentoring. We provide different models of participation: where you can choose to engage with the community space or learn at your own pace.


The revised prices for participating in the program will be shared as we start applications again. We do offer scholarships as required.

I’ve learnt more here in 6 hours than I did through my entire degree college.

I still can’t stop thinking about this can be my reality, my mind is still grappling with these new possibilities.

I loved every aspect of the session! Very interactive and a great way to teach people about gender identity and sexual harassment.