From Ma, With Love #4 | Dear Ma


From Ma, With Love is a campaign celebrating recollections of feminist tales and lessons, passed down to us by our mothers, this Mother’s Day. The first edition of this compilation has 16 heartwarming stories. ‘Dear Ma’ by Jaya is the fourth story in this series. You can download the entire publication here.

Dear Ma,

Right from the time when I was a young girl, you taught me not to let anything deter me from my path . You have not just believed, but said out loud, that every girl should have an identity of her own. I have always observed that you would never fight with anyone, but still took a stand for the right things. You constantly remind me that things are better done when we are calm. Anger takes us nowhere, but to a mess.

I learnt my first lesson when you decided to part ways with my dad. You took a stand even when you knew that it would be tough. Several times, I watched you cry your heart out, but you always managed to put on a brave face and move on. There isn’t a single day when you don’t encourage me to keep moving.

Whether it’s something as small as sharing my feminist ideas on social media or something as big as my startup, you have supported me in every possible way. You share each piece that I write, on social media. I feel your support and strong presence in my life. You never hesitate to talk to me about sensitive topics. Like every mother, you say that you want me to do everything that you couldn’t.

Mom, you make me believe that girls are way stronger than they are thought to be. In the patriarchal society that we live in, you make me feel good about the fact that I am a woman. And, I think every girl is entitled to feel the same way.


Your daughter

Rohang Mishal.

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