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The Thought Project

Rainbow Charter | How the International Community is Moving beyond Decriminalising Homosexuality

Rainbow Charter is a column on international law and queer rights, with a keen focus on macro international law as well as deeper micro LGBTQ laws. This column also maps the current LGBTQ laws based on geographic regions and also aims to summarise progressive LGBTQ judgements from around the world and how it shapes the international context.

POCSO Amendment: Loopholes and Breakthroughs

Heinous. Nefarious. Monstrous. No adjective can aptly define the cruelty and the sense of abject revulsion that is associated with the utterly unpardonable act of sexually assaulting a child. Taking advantage of a child’s innocence and trampling upon it by subjecting her/him through such a harrowing experience is the worst possible sin anyone can commit and inflict upon someone.

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